Research Methods

designing for/with/from/as the user* 

the user


what makes me a designer and not an artist



designing for people not personas.


Twice upon a time in Yugoslavia

interviewing six people involved in the Yugoslav Wars and contrasting the answers in a speculative history book that questions single stories.

Sainsbury's 2022

research conducted with designers and colleagues in store and a game designed for the experience team to interact with my research.

in collaboration with Sainsbury's Digital Experience.

Propaganda Workshops

a series of workshops conducted with selected audiences in order to open a conversation about contemporary propaganda. 

research groups: Goldsmiths Anti Imperialist Society and The Unity of Faiths Foundation.

Ethnographic Research

in collaboration with RCA students.

Two games that deconstruct the main elements of two different professions.

Propaganda Testing

I have tested the game with different groups to develop its rules, interactions and educational elements. 

in collaboration with Sai School of Harrow, TUFF and my wonderful brother who has played the game 

over a million times. 

Lambeth Talks

Constructing a fictional radio station to voice the problems of the locals in the Lambeth Walk area and construct collective hope. 

in collaboration with Sahar Gerstel, Karol Sielski, Kento Ito and Innovation Unit.